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Grey Whales
Grey Whales

Whale watching

Grey Whales can be seen in Bahía Magdalena between January and March.

Puerto Lopez Mateos and San Carlos are the usual centers for whale watching activities. Often you can spot greys from shore at Puerto Lopez Mateo as they come and go via Boca de Soledad to the north; a public parking and viewing area lies north of the port's fish-processing plant. Pangeros offer two-hour panga tours from this area for approx. $30 U.S. per panga. Ask at any hotel in San Carlos.

Local operators officially authorized to lead whale-watching tours include:

  • Hotel Brennan
    Calle Puerto Acapulco
    (613) 136-0288

  • Viajes Mar y Arena
    (613) 136-0076

  • Brennan's y Asociados
    (613) 136-0019

  • Union de Lancheros y Servicios Touristicos de Puerto San Carlos (ULYSTOURS)
    (613) 136-0310

  • Sra. Ma. Eugenia Infante
    (613) 136-0017

Although limited numbers of pangas are allowed in the bay at any one time, early morning and late afternoon are best for avoiding crowds. Because the waters of San Carlos are deeper, you can usually see more whale acrobatics in this area than off Lopez Mateos.

One of the best viewing spots is Punta Entrada, at the southern tip of Isla Magdelena, which forms the north end of the wide channel between Bahia Magdelena and the Pacific. The island is accessible only by boat, with the best anchorage on the southeast side of the point, or by small plane (a landing strip lies just north of Punta Entrada). You can camp at the fish camp near the tip or farther north near the village of Puerto Magdelena. A San Carlos pangero will drop you off on the island and pick you up the following day.

You can book Bahia Magdelena whale-watching tours in La Paz through several travel agencies.

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